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This is a travel and sailing blog, and over the years it's also turned into a working resume. We are a growing family, passionate about cruising, sailing, and traveling in general! Keep up with our seaourtravels blog to keep the dream alive and stay inspired! Both Martin and I, Teare, work in various sectors of the marine industry, and we are here to help if you ever have questions or need help/advice on a project. See our blog menu if you've accessed this site because you were curious about Nofziger Marine, Sunshine Cruising Yachts, or Yacht Mamas. Thank you for stopping by, and do take care during these trying times!  - Teare

Apologies for the lack of content, we recently had to migrate our website to a new host and unfortunately lost all content from our old website in the process. Over the next few months we will work to recover those old posts, and we will also be working to create new content!

Marauder Sailboat, a Hudson Force 50

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