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Sailboat Deck

Aloha, Ia Ora Na, Kura Ora, and Hello all!

After having worked in the marine industry since 2012, Nofziger Marine LLC was finally created in 2019. Prior to the creation of his own entity, owner and operator Martin also worked as a marine maintenance specialist for a shared business endeavor, O'ahu Boat Repair LLC, subsidiary of O'ahu Custom Construction LLC. Though Martin, having owned two businesses in Hawaii and worked for both, covers all boat maintenance needs, he has become a specialist in fiberglass repairs,  fiberglass construction, and specialty woodwork. He also helps boaters by providing comprehensive surveys so projects can be planned out efficiently.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding what work you might need done, or if you need help with your next project.


  • Custom Fiberglass Construction and Repair

  • Yacht Restoration - Fiberglass & Wood

  • Specialty Woodworking

  • Boat Bottom Refits​

  • Blister Repairs

  • Electrical Aid - US & 12V

  • Plumbing

  • Painting - Both Bottom Paint & Topside Finish Painting

  • Brightwork

  • Splicing

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