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Born to Sail!

Every time we catch up with friends and talk about our lives, we're told to start a youtube channel. Now I've thought about this before, but it's so difficult to become inspired to be on film all the time. And hearing my own voice during the editing process is just painful. Despite these gripes, I still get these questions fairly often:

"Why don't you guys have a youtube channel?"

"Have you watched so-and-so's channel?"

"Do you know how much those youtube channels make annually?"

"People would totally watch you guys just live a day-to-day life on your boat!"

Now, I don't know how much truth comes in that last statement, and I definitely don't know how much youtube channels make or what's popular right now, but the definite answer to the first question is: because we're lazy. A lot of work goes into making, editing, and publishing quality videos, I give youtubers credit! I'm sure those content creators with lots of viewers have worked really heard to get where they are and earn what they earn.

We, on the other hand, always forget to take videos and never prioritize it. Not only are we always busy with boat projects, and being new parents in a Covid world, but we also don't necessarily like to have cameras on us. But maybe it is worth trying... So here's a little clip I threw together of our beginning with SV Marauder in 2019, and some of this year's trip to Tahiti with JR. Born to Sail, a title that seemed fitting for our little guy.

Hope the clip is enjoyable and please let me know if I should stick to writing rather than try out this whole youtube thing.

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