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Caffeine Fix

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

We've adopted a couple different methods for getting our caffeine fix in the most energy-efficient ways...

Above is "sun tea". I love tea, but I find it difficult to justify using our cooking gas, propane, just to heat water for tea. So I've started making sun tea, in which I set out a glass jar of water with several tea bags in it to sit in the sun for the day. Then at night, I'll pour it into a bottle, add some lemon juice, and leave it in the fridge. I've really enjoyed the flavor the next morning, and it doesn't take any of our gas to make! All natural direct sun power!

What you see here is a glass jar of coffee grounds steeping in water in the fridge, and the filtered coffee in the plastic container. This is our new favorite method for making coffee. We've found that, not only does it use energy that is already running because the fridge stays on overnight, but the coffee also tastes better and we get more out of a pot than if we use a french press. If you're a fan of cold coffee, this is a great way to make your morning cup-a-joe. And you know what, we're even convinced that the caffeine feeling is different than a boiled cup of coffee.

So there you have it, hope this info is helpful, or at the very least, interesting. :)

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