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Hatteras - coring & bowsprit love

This Hatteras also had terrible core rot, but the are of complaint was his bow and bowsprit. The client was content with the rest of the boat, but the rot was so bad in the bow that it compromised the structural integrity of the bow. If the owner wanted to anchor or moor the boat, he needed the bow and bowsprit to be structurally sound.

This client was very particular about how he wanted this coring job to be done. He was willing to pay whatever it took to make it happen, but he refused to have the work done from the top-down. Martin therefore had to core from the bottom-up, making the job much more labor some.

The bowsprit was worked on off-site. Hawaii has frequent rain showers that often make it difficult to work with epoxies and paints in a timely manner. Just like any other coring job, he gutted the rot, prepped the glass, recored, and epoxied.

The bow was covered with material to match the rest of the boat. The bowsprit was painted with a two-part primer and two-part paint. Unfortunately we don't have pictures of the final product, but it's safe to say that Martin was happy to have finished this particular Hatteras project. Penelope the pirate cat was happy as well; she waited at the hatch every day for him during this project.

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