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Joyeux Noel Happy Holidays from Moorea

We've fought through rough patches this year...but we've also reveled in wonderful moments as well. I'm excited to see what this next year brings, and what we end up doing. We are in a place of transition in our lives, and it's hard to know what will come next on this adventure - but we'll be grateful for every breath, every lesson, every moment. And damn are these kids growing fast, it has been so fun to watch JR grow and discover the awesomeness that is life.

With the coming year, I hope to start writing more on this blog. I enjoy it, and I know our parents enjoy reading. ;) I also made a promise to a friend a while back that I'd start up a youtube channel... That is a lot of work, but I am going to give it my best effort, and try to put out content while also wrestling these wiley boat babies!!!

So lookout for content in this coming year, and I'll most likely make a patreon or something of that nature for most videos. We embarked on this cruising life before retiring, without a nice savings, so we have to get creative to maintain our lives and income! *At least until my brokering blows up into a ka-gillion-dollar business down here!*

So Merry Christmas to all our loved ones, and we hope you have a joyful holiday!

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