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Quick Cushion Covers

I'll keep this brief because the pictures will explain for the most part... These are my quick cushion covers for fellow boat ballers-on-budgets...

We have two kids...babies, really, so it is incredibly difficult to complete projects sometimes. See pictures above. Of the three days it took for me to do these "glorified fitted sheets" for our cockpit cushions (sewn by hand), the majority of my time looked like the pics above. Boys on or around project, a toy mess all around, toddler constantly trying to grab my needle or thread, and breastfeeding.

The left shows the cushions in their deteriorated state. Nothing particular caused this, just older material and continual use in the elements.

I had already sewn a cover for our dinghy, but we ended up selling the dinghy without the cover. At a loss for what we'd use the top-notch material for now that I had already cut it to size and spent hours hand-sewing specifically for that damn dinghy, Martin noticed that the dimensions were very close to that of our cockpit cushions that were going to S**t.

"Why not just use the dinghy cover for the cockpit cushions?" he asked.

"Not enough material..." I was only seeing one solution.

"Why not just sew it directly to the old covers? Then they'll last a little longer, like until we can afford to do it the right way."

Genius. So that's what I did.

As I hemmed along as quickly as I could, my technique morphed into this weird fitted/wrapping effect. If you look at the short sides, it resembles a christmas present wrap-job. I folded the sides so they'd hold in place, and then sewed them down- a glorified fitted sheet. lol

Didn't turn out too bad for material that was repurposed. Hoping I have enough to finish the back rests too!

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