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SV Marauder - A New Chapter

New website, new content!

It's with a heavy heart that I admit to losing all our content from the previous seaourtravels blog. In an effort to simplify this whole blogging/business/etc. website stuff, I migrated our site without properly saving my write-ups and lost them to the internet-abyss. I guess it's fitting though, we try to live our lives fully, adventurously, spontaneously, and as with every crazy or cool event that happens without a camera in-reach, left only to our memories, so goes the write-ups of our adventures sailing from Hawaii to Brisbane, Australia in 2015, our California escapades and Alaska fishing season in 2016, our experiences refitting several boats through 2018, and the purchase of the sailing vessel (SV) Marauder in 2019.

Needless to say, that seems to be how life goes, I guess that's why the infamous they say to "live in the moment!"

So we move forward, and as we move forward we bring into this moment our son, Jr.! The youngest of the SV Marauder crew at 8 months old, and the cutest-no doubt.

You read correctly; 8 months old. How-on-earth is it to live aboard a boat with a baby? What is it like to sail with a baby? Maybe even why, one might ask... Well, I'm sure I'll touch on all those questions as new content comes up.

Thank you for the love, for following our adventures- the ups and the downs. I look forward to pumping out new content and I hope that it is, at the very least, entertaining!

With all the love, the Mariteragi-Nofziger family.

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